Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera

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2004 was a great year. In October that year, the gang of four, namely, Leo, John, Jeff and I, journeyed northward not only to bask in the bliss of Manila’s cosmopolitan atmosphere but also to luxuriate in the sun, sand and surf of the understated paradise called “Puerto Galera.”

Without any hesitation, I elect the latter as the highlight of that two-week sojourn. But more than the fun and the merriment that, for that brief period permeated through our little clique, the whole thing also earmarked the last days of Leo’s Single life.

In November of 2004, Leo wedded pulchritudinous Joy, a very good friend of ours, and a Lady most deserving of Leo’s love and fidelity. This post is humbly dedicated to Leo’s “Single Days.” LOL.

 Tamaraw Falls is located in the mountains above Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines.